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Free words 25


Wield Ejercer (authority, power etc.)// Empuñar/ Blandir (use in hand)
Undertake (sth) Emprender/ Comenzar/ Empezar (project: commit to)
Overcome (sth) Superar/ Vencer
Hardship Adversidad/ Dificultad
Perchance Por casualidad/ Tal vez/ Por ventura (perhaps, maybe)
Rocket Cohete
Breathtaking (pronunc. breztaking) Impresionante/ Imponente/ Asombroso (view, spectacle)
Trinket Baratija (piece of jewellery)
Entail Implicar/ Conllevar (require, involve)
Infirmity Debilidad/ Dolencia/ Enfermedad (physical or mental weakness)
Cripple Lisiado (lame or handicapped person)
Unbearable Insoportable/ Inaguantable (not endurable)
Coddle (sb) Mimar/ Consentir (pamper)
Sheath (pronunc. chizz) Vaina/ Funda (cover for sword, knife)
Inner Interior/ Interno (inside part)
Failure (pronunc. feiliar) Fracaso (unsuccessful attempt)
Fathom (sth) Entender/ Comprender (understand)
Shrewd (pronunc. shrudt) Inteligente/ Listo/ Astuto (intelligent, practical)
Entrust [sth] to [sb] Confiar algo a alguien
Wild boar Jabalí
Struggle Prueba (difficult endeavour= esfuerzo difícil)
Subdue (sth) Contener/ Reprimir (repress)
Whereupon Con lo cual/ Después de lo cual (upon which)
Visage (pronunc. visich) Cara/ Rostro/ Semblante (face)
Utter adj. Completo/ Total/ Absoluto (complete)
Wariness Cautela/ Cuidado (caution)
Beetle Escarabajo
Rosebush Rosal (tree bearing roses)
Urge Deseo/ Ansia/ Necesidad (desire)
Aphid Pulgón
Overwhelmed Agobiado/ Abrumado (have too much)
Awareness Percatación/ Conocimiento/ Conciencia