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Sp - clothing store

Tienda Store
Ropa Clothes
Paraguas Umbrella
Sombrilla Umbrella
Novio Boyfriend
Mostrar To show
Elegante Elegant
Reloj Watch
Moderna / moderno Modern
Gafas Sunglasses
Lentes del sol Sunglasses
Corbata Tie
Rayas Stripes
Rojo Red
Azul Blue
Comprar To buy, to shop
Vacaciones Vacation
Playa Beach
Pantalones corto Shorts
Sombrero Hat
Protegerse To protect
Sol Sun
Algodon Cotton
Pocos antes Shortly before
Cerrar To close
Hombre Man
Mujer Woman
Apurado In a hurry
Hacer un viaje To travel
Finlandia Finland
Trabajar To work
Trabajo Work
Recomendar To recommend
Gustar To like
Moda Fashion
Cliente Client
Necesidades Needs, necessities, requirement
Gustos Likes
Manana Morning, tomorrow
Preguntar To ask
Pedir ayuda To ask for help
Elegir To choose
Entrevista Interview
Camisa Shirt
Falda Skirt
Blanco, blanca White
Gris Grey
Zapato Shoe
Combinar To match
Mas tarde Later on
Otra Another, again
Regalo Gift
Cielo Sky
Nublado Cloudy
Ropa abrigada Warm clothes
Abrigar To shelter
Abrigarse To wrap oneself up
Botas Boots
Bufanda Scarf
Chaqueta Jacket
Cara Face
Asi es! That’s right
Amar To love
Cubrir To cover
Created by: Drzagon
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