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3 Century Woman


Alzheimer's disease Progressive degeneration of the brain that ultimately results in dementia
anchor a news reporter
attribute think or caused by
dozed napped, slept for a short time
elevators machines for moving people between different levels of a building
fondly showing kindness and love
gondola a cabin attached to the underside of an airship to hold the motors, instruments, passengers and so on
intersection a place where 2 or more roads meet
millenium the year 2000, some say the year 2001
multiplex a movie theater with a large number of screens for showing different films
nudged gently pushed
oh-six 1906 - the year a large earthquake hit San Francisco
pondered thought about deeply; meditated
severe very bad or serious
shorthand a system of speed writing using symbols to represent letters, words, and phrases
spectacles an older word for glasses
suburban relating to a place where large groups of people live outside a larger city
venerable worthy of respect or reverence by reasons of age
zeppelin a large, cigar-shaped airship with separate compartments filled with gas; used from 1900 to 1937
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