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SWilliams Chem Exam

Savanna Williams Chemistry Semester Exam

Study of the composition and structure of materials and the changes that materials undergo best describes the science of... chemistry.
The branch of chemistry concerned with properties, changes, and relationships between energy and matter is... physical chemistry.
Chemical properties... include changes that alter the identity of a substance.
A physical change occurs when a... glue gun melts a glue stick.
Physical means can be used to seperate... mixtures.
The most useful source of chemical inforemation about the elements is a... periodic table.
The elements that border the zigzag line in the periodic table are... metalloids.
Applied research is... carried out to solve a problem.
The state of matter in which a material has definte shape and definite volume is the... solid state.
Quantitive observations are recorded using... numerical information.
A testable statement used for mking predictions and carrying out further experiments is a... hypothesis.
The symbol for the metric unit used to measure mass is... grams (g).
A change is the force of Earth's gravity on an object will affect its... weight.
Poor precision in scientific measurement may arise from... both human error and the limitations of the measuring instrument.
The number of significant figures in the measuremnt 0.000 305 kg is... three.
The number of significant fidures in the measurement 210 cm is... two.
Three samples of 0.12 g, 1.8 g, 0.562 g are mixed together. The combined mass of all three samples, exrressed to the correct number of significant digits, shoudl be recorded as... 2.5 g.
Expressed in scientific notation, 0.0930 m is... 9.30 X 10^-2.
The graph of a direct proportion is a(n)... straight line.
Who was the schoolmaster who studied chemistry and proposed an atomic theory? John Dalton
Rutherford's experiments led to the discovery of the... nucleus.
The discovery of the electron resulted from experiments using... cathode rays.
What is the atomic number for Aluminum? 13.
What does the 218 in Polonium-218 represent? the mass number.
What has the greatest penetrating ability? gamma rays.
What process always decreases the number of protons by an even number? alpha decay.
Reactions that affect the nucleus of an atom are called... nuclear reactions.
What unit measures radiation damage to human tissue? rem.
What are often used to moniter the approximate radiation exposure of people working with radioactive materials? film badges.
The distance between two sucessive peaks on a wave is its... wavelength.
How many quantum numbers are needed to describe energy state of an electron in an atom? four.
The atomic sublevel with the next highest enegry after 4p is... 5s.
A quantum of electonmagnetic energy is caled a(n)... photon.
For electronmagnetic radiation, c (the speed of light) equals... frequency times wavelength.
One of the wave properties of electronmagnetic radiation, such as light, is... frequency.
As it travels through space, electronmagnetic radiation... exhibits wavelike behavior.
The spin quantum number of an electron can be thought of as descrbing... the direction of electron spin.
How many electrons can occupy the s orbitals at each energy level? two, if they have opposite spins.
a three dimensional region around a nucleus where an electron may be found is called a(n)... orbital.
Mendeleev noticed that properties of elements usaullt repaeted at regular intervals when the elements were arranged in order of increasing... atomic mass.
To which group do lithium and potassium belong? alkali metals.
Argon, krypton, and xenon are... noble gases.
A horizontal row of block in the periodic table is called a(n)... period.
In Period 3 there are eight elements. What sublevel(s) is (are) being filled? s and p.
Elements in which the d-sublevel is being filled have th properties of... metals.
A postive ion is known as a(n)... cation.
The energy required to remove an electron from an atom ... as you move left to right from potassium through iron. generally increases.
What is the oxidation number of sulfur? -2.
The electrons available to be lost, gained, or shared when atoms frorm molecules are called... valence electrons.
A mutual electrical attraction between nuclei and valence electrons of different atoms that binds the atoms together is called a(n)... chemical nond.
When atoms share electrons, the electrical attraction of an atom from the electrons is called the atom's... electronegativity.
Most chemical bonds are... partly ionic and partly covalent.
In many compounds, atoms of main-group elements form bonds so that the number of electrons in the outermost energy levels of each atom is... eight.
An octect is equal to... eight.
The elements of the ... group satisfy the octet rule without forming compunds. noble gas.
Compared with ionic compounds and molecular compounds... have lower melting points.
The elctron-sea model of bonding represnets... metallic bonding.
Malleability and ductility are characteristics of substances with... metallic bonds.
A covalent bond results when ... are shared. electrons.
A ... shows the types and numbers of atoms joined in a single moecule of a molecular compound. molecular formula.
Created by: savanna.nycole