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Beatrice Chem SG

Chemistry Exam

Basic research is carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge.
Applied research is carried out to solve a problem.
Chemical properties include changes that alter the identity of a substance.
A physical property may be investigated by melting ice.
The study of substances containing carbon is organic chemistry.
Two features that distinguish matter are mass and volume.
An example of extensive property is mass.
Group ___ in the periodic table contains only metals 2.
Physical means can be used to separate elements.
Which is not a property of meatals? unreactivity.
All of the following are steps in the scientific method EXCEPT discarding data inconsistant with the hypothosis.
Which of the following observations is quantitive? The liquid boils at 100 degrees celcius.
Quantitive observations are recorded using numerical information
Qualitive observations are recorded using non-numerical information
A testible statement used for making predictions and carrying out futher experiments is a hypothesis
The SI standard units for length and mass are meter and gram
The unit m(3)is volume
A change in the force of earth's gravity on an object will affect it's weight
To two sig figs, the measurement 0.00255 g should be reported as 0.026 g
The number of sig figs in the measurment 0.000305 kg is 3
Who was the schoolmaster who studied chemistry and proposed an atomic theory? John Dalton
A nuclear particle that has about the same mass as a proton, but with no electrical charge, is called a neutron
Who discovered the nucleus by bombarding gold foil with positively charged particles? Rutherford
Rutherfor'd expiriment lead tot he discovery of the nucleus
Experiments with cathode rays led to the discovery of the electon
Isotopes of an element contain different numbers of neutrons
The atomic number of oxygen 8, indicates that there are 8 protons in the nucleus of an atom.
Nickle-30 has 32 neutrons
The half-life of an isotope is the time required for half the nuclei in a sample to undergo radioactive decay
Whuch of the following has the greatest penetrating ability gamma rays
For electromagnetic radiation, c (the speed of life)equals frequency times wavelength
Which of the following processes always decreases the number of protons by an even number? alpha decay
Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves
Created by: BeatriceByrd