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Chemistry chapters 1-6

Sections 1-3 will be added after chapter 6. Cannot restart this again. My apologies. Saving time here.
the distance between two successive peaks on a wave is its wavelength
an element with 8 electrons in its highest energry potential is an noble gas
the emission of electrons from metals that have absorbed photons is called the photoelectric effect
the region outside the nucleus where an electron can most probably be found is the electron cloud
how many quantum numbers are needed to describe the energy state of an electron is 4
the wave model of light did not explain the photoelectric effect
which group are the noble gases? group 18
what is the total number of electrons needed to fill the first two main energy levels? 10
the atomic sublevel with the highest energy after 4p is 5s
because excited hydrogen atoms always produce the same line-emission spectrum, scientists concluded that hydrogen released photons of only certain energies.
mendeleev noticed that properties of elements usually replaced at regular intervals when the elements were arranged in order of increasing atomic mass
what are the radioactive elements with atomic numbers from 90 to 103 in the periodic table called? actinides
the discovery of the noble gases changed mendeleev's periodic table by adding a new group
what are the elements with atomic numbers from 58 to 71 in the periodic table called? the lathanide elements
to which group do lithium and potassium belong? alkali metals
elements in a group or column in the periodic table can be expected to have similar properties
mendeleev predicted that the spaces in his peridoic table represented undiscovered elements
mendeleev attempted to organize the chemical elements based on their properties
in the modern periodic table, elements are arranged according to increasing atomic number
the most useful source of general information about the elements for anyone associated with chemistry is a periodic table of elements
Atoms are ____ when they combine more stable
if the atoms that share electrons have an unequal attraction for the electrons, the bond is called polar
a covalent bond results when ___ are shared electrons
a mutual electrical attraction between the nuclei and valence of diferent atoms that binds the atoms together is called chemical bond
in many compounds, atoms of main-groups elements form obonds so that the number of electrons in the outermost energy levels of each atom is 8
the B--F bond in BF(3) is ionic
if two covalently bonded atoms are identical, the bond is nonpolar covalent
a chemical bond resulting from the electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions is called an ionic bond
qthe electrons involved in the formation of a chemical bond are called valence electrons
most chemical bonds are are partly ionic and partly covalent
study of the composition and structure of materials and the changes that materials undergo best describes the science of chemistry
the branch of chemistry that includes the study of materials that occur in living things is biochemistry
the branch of chemistry that is concerned with the identification and composition of materials is analytical chemistry
the study ofsubstances containing carbon is organic chemistry
The rest of chapters 1-3 did not save, i AM REFUSING to do them for a 5th time. That would mean ive typed 180 questions. I dont care anymore. MY bad.
Created by: Chemistry_KyleT