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chemistry exam!

which of the following is not an example of a molecular formula B
the electrons involved in the formation of a chemical bond are called valence electrons
most chemical bonds are partly ionic and partly covalent
a covalent bond results when what are shared electrons
an octet is equal to 8
when atoms share electrons, the electrical attraction of an atom for the electrons is called the atom's what electronegativity
the elements of what group satisfy the octet rule noble gas
to draw a lewis structure, on must know the number of valence electrons in each atom
a compound that vaporizes readily at room temp. is most likely to be a molecular compound
malleability and ductility are characteristics of substances with mettalic bonds
to which group do lithium and potassium belong alkali metals
mendeleev attempted to organize the chemical elements based on their properties
argon, krypton, and xenon are noble gases
to which group do flourine and chlorine belong halogens
a horizontal row of blocks in the periodic table is called a period
a positive ion is known as a cation
a negative ion is known as an anion
the most reactive group of the nonmetals are the halogens
valence electrons are those in the highest energy level
in a row in the periodic table, as the atomic number increases, the atomic radius decreases
as it travels through space, electromagnetic radiation exhibits wavelike behavior
the distance between two successive peaks on a wave is its wavelength
a quantum of electromagnetic energy is called a photon
the wave model of light did not explain the photoelectric effect
the number of orbitals for the d sublevel is 5
for the f sublevel, the number of orbitals is 7
the total number of orbitals that can exist in the second main energy level is 8
the main energy level that can hold only two electrons is the first
which group are the noble gases 18
how many groups are found on the periodic table 18
who was the schoolmaster who studied chemistry and proposed an atomic theory john dalton
rutherford's experiments led to the discovery of the nucleus
organic chemistry is the study of light
the discovery of the electron resulted from experiments using cathode rays
all atoms of the same element have the same atomic number
what is the atomic number for aluminum 13
nickel-60 has 32 neutrons
phosphorus-33 contains 18 neutrons
gamma rays are electromagnetic waves
who called the atom an atom democritus
all of the following are steps in the scientific method except discarding data inconsistent with the hypothesis
quantitative observations are recorded using numerical information
qualitative observations are recorded using non-numerical information
all of the following are examples of units except weight
the symbol for the metric unit used to measure mass is g
the symbol that represents the measured unit for volume is mL
the SI base unit for time is the second
to calculate the density of an object divide its mass by its volume
how many minutes are in one week 10,080
a change in the force of earth's gravity on an object will affect its weight
the study of substances containing carbon is organic chemistry
technology is the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems
basic research is carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge
a physical property may be investigated by melting ice
chemical properties include changes that alter the identity of a substance
two features that distinguish matter are mass and volume
a physical change occurs when glue gun melts a glue stick
the particles in a solid are packed closely together
the particles in a gas are very far from each other
the state of matter in which a material has definate shape and definite volume is the solid state
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