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The Branch of Chemistry that includes the study of materials and processes that occur in living things is organic chemistry or biochemistry? Biochemistry
The branch of chemistry that is concerned with the identification & composition of materials is analytical or physical? Analytical
The study of substances containing carbon is organic or nuclear? Organic
Chemical Properties include changes that ____ the identity of a substance. Alter
Two features that distinguish matter are mass and _____. Volume
Physical means can be used to separate compounds or mixtures? Mixtures
Group ___ in the periodic table contains only metals. 2 or 13? 2
Based on its location in the periodic table, you could infer that _______ is very unreactive. Si or Ar? Ar
A horizontal row of blocks in the periodic table is called Period
A vertical column of blocks in the periodic table is called a Group
1. The liquid boils at 100 degreees C, is quantative or qualative? Quantative
What do you use to record qualative observations? Numerical Information or non-numerical information? Non-numerical information
The SI standard units for length and mass are Meter and Kilogram
The symbol for the metric unit used to measure mass is g or m? g
The symbol that represents the measured unit for volume is mL
To calculate the density of an object... divide its mass by its volume
Five darts strike in the center of the target. Whoever threw the darts is accurate or precise? Accurate
To two significant figures, the measurement 0.0255 g should be reported as 2.5 x 10 squared g
The measurement that has only nonsignificant zeros is... 0.0037 mL
The dimensions of a rectangular solid are measured to be 1.27 cm, 1.3 cm, and 2.5 cm. The volume should be recorded as 4.13 cm cubed or 4.128 cm cubed 4.13 cm cubed
The graph of an inverse proportion is a straight line
John Dalton studied chemistry and proposed what? the atomic theory
Who discovered the nucleus by bombarding gold foil with positively charged particles Rutherford
The nucleus was discovered by whom? Rutherford
Experiments with cathode rays led to the discovery of the what? Electron
The fact NaCl always consists of 39.34% Na and 60.66% Cl is what law? Law of Definite Proportions
Alpha decay decreases the number of protons by an even or odd number? Even
Greatest penetrating radiation Gamma
Gamma rays are electromagnetic waves
Who called the atom an atom? Democritus
Roentgen measures what? Radiation
J.J. Thompson discovered what? Electrons
Nuclear forces hold what together? Particles in the nucleus
As the atomic number increases the number of electrons in an atom does what? Increases
For electromagnetic radiation, c (the speed of light) equals... Frequency times wavelength
Hertz is the SI unit that measures the frequency of _____________ radiation Electromagnetic
Quantum of electromagnetic energy is called... A photon
The wave model of light did not explain what? the Photoelectric effect
The Photoelectric Effect is the... Emission of electrons from metals that have absorbed photons.
For an electron to go from ground state to an excited state energy must be... Absorbed
Part of the atom where the electrons CANNOT be found is the Nucleus
An Orbital is a... 3 dimensional region around a nucleus where an electron may be found.
the magnetic quantum number indicates the orbital within the sublevel
The main energy levels of an atom are indicated by the... Principal quantum numbers
Mendeleev noticed that properties of elements usually repeated at regular intervals when the elements were arranged in order of increasing Atomic Mass
Radioactive elements with atomic numbers 90 to 103 in the periodic table The actinides
The lanthanide elements contain... Elements with atomic numbers of from 58 to 71
Atomic Radius one-half the distance between the nuclei of identical atoms that are bonded together.
The most characteristic property of the noble gases is that they have low boiling points
Elements that border the zigzag line in the periodic table are Metalloids
Energy required to remove an electron from an atom Ionization Energy
The energy required to remove an electron from an atom ________ as you move left to right from potassium through iron generally increases
If 2 covalently bonded atoms are identical the bond is nonpolar covalent
Molecule A neutral group of atoms held together by covalent bonds
Noble Gases satisfy what rule without forming compounds Octet
Molecular Compounds have lower melting points
Electron-sea model of bonding represents Metallic Bonding
Metallic Bonds have what characteristics Malleability & Ductility
Compound that vaporizes readily at room temperature is most likely to what type of compound? Molecular Compound
In a Lewis Structure each nonmetal atom except hydrogen should be surrounded by 8 Electrons
Electronegativity When atoms share electrons, the electrical attraction
Polar Bond atoms that share electrons that have uneven attractions.
Created by: Kitticakez :)