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CARE Prin Ch.12-Q

Landlord Tenant: Questions

The maximum lease on an urban property is 99 years
A tenant rents a summer cottage from June 1 to September 1, this is an Estate for years
A sublessee could be described as a A tenant
To maximize the income of a lessor as a commercial property with increasing desirability the lessor should insist on what type of lease Percentage lease
The maximum lease on an agricultural land is 51 years
If a lease does not specify when the monthly rent is due, what would be the date the rent would be due At the end of each rent paying period
A landlord can insist on a nonrefundable Tenant screening fee
The efficiency of an office building would be measured by Ratio of rentable space to total space
A lease failed to state its term, this lease would be what type of tenancy A month to month tenancy
What is the name of the clause that would relieve a landlord of any liability for injury to a tenant Exculpatory Clause
A tenant who received permissive possession without a tenancy agreement would have what type of tenancy Tenancy at will
Jones has been Smiths’ tenant for 13 months on a month to month tenancy. To evict Jones, Smith must give Jones what type of notice 60-day notice
Mr. Smith decides to evict Ms. Davis who has been a tenant for 12 years and is confined to a wheelchair. Mr. Smith wants to use the space for storage. Mr. Smith’s notice to vacate must be for 1 Year
CPM Stands for Certified Property Manager
In a lease what would be an implied covenant Quiet enjoyment
Limited by the calendar describes a(n) Estate for Years
How can a tenant properly defend against an unlawful detainer action By showing the premises is uninhabitable
A Section 8 tenant must be given how many days to vacate 90 days
An unlawful detainer action would be held in which type of court Superior Court
An estate for years would be created by An express agreement
Created by: cobiagwu
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