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Demeiko and Wayne's Physics vocab :)

Calibrations measurement tool of strides
classification organized by common features
code symbols representing something
estimation knowledgable guess
evidence measuring or recording data
optical illusion something that looks like it's not, but it can be proved by measurement
probability chance of something happening
random error proof of claim
systematic error problem with the tool that can be corrected by math
insulation material that resists the movement of heat
thermal energy another term to refer to heat
heat form of energy
radiation heat travels on electromagnetic waves
conduction heat travels by direct contact
convection heat being carried by a fluid
temperature amount of heat something has
surface area to volume ratio relation to surface of object and space inside
san antonio spurs greatest team in the nba
surface area finding the area of all the surfaces of any object
histogram type of graphs showing the relationship between types of data
Rutherford Scattering process in the nucleus of the atom, was first measured experiment
radioactivity naturally process larger atoms break into smaller atoms
area measured by a flat surface on its length times width L X W
indirect measurement measurement that uses mathematics probability
volume amount of space in a object
universal dwelling can be constructed quickly, need of adequate housing
nc state wolfpack greatest college bball team in the nation right now
Created by: Yokosuka7711