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Vocabulary for B2 British Council. Unit 1.

(Adjective) Angry and violent towards another person: Aggressive
(Ajective) Describes a person who becomes angry and annoyed easily. Bad-tempered
(Phrasal verb) To care for a child until it is an adult, often giving them particular belifs. Bring up
(Noun) A city or town part of a city or town in which there is a lot of bussiness and financial activity. Bussines centre
(Adjective) Worried Concerned
(Noun) An argument against another argument, idea or suggestion. Counter-argument
(Adjective) Rude in a formal situation. Impolite
(Adjective) Feeling sure about yourself and your habilities. Self-condifent
(Adjective) Able to understand what people are feeling and behave in a way that does not upset them Sensitive
(Verb) To ask people questions in order to find out about their opinions or behaiviour. Survay
(Adjective) Not be able to be trusted or depend on Unreliable
(Verb) To strongly advise someone to do something Urge
(Phrasal verb with) To start being friends Get on with somebody
(Phrasal verb) To continue doing something Get on with something
(Phrasal verb) Redecorate Do (something) up
(Phrasal verb) Tidy up Clear up
(Phrasal verb) Continue Go on
(Phrasal verb) When somebody is exhaust Wear (sombody) out
(Phrasal verb) Collect something or someone Pick up
In the sentence 'The army is planning its aproach in case of invasion' the word aproach means: Strategy (estrategia)
In the sentence 'We resoved the old problem with a new aproach' the word aproach means: Focus (enfoque)
(Phrasal verb) To persuade someone to do something Get (somebody) to (something)
How do you translate: 'La actividad duró una hora'? The activity lasted one hour
How do you spell 'carpintería' in english? Carpentry
How do you translate 'etc.' in english? And so on
(Verb) To meet an obligation or a dream. Also used when you satisfy a need. Fulfill
(Noun) An object which keeps you protected from the sun Sunshade
(Adjective) With plenty of shade Shady
(Noun) Dark shape cast by sun Shadow
(Noun) Area not in sunlight The shade (uncountable)
(Verb) To follow someone closely Shadow somebody
Created by: arroyobeatriz11