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English Lit Terms

American Lit Week 2 Puritan and other Literature Terms

Introspective Thinking about one's thoughts and feelings
Didactic Meant to teach
Plain Style not flowery or fancy; down-to-earth, unadorned
Crucible A "melting pot"; used for heating up a material inside of it (usually a metal) to get rid of impurities. Can also be a time of severe trial.
Pilgrim A person who goes on a journey for a religious reason
Puritans Christian denomination that wanted to purify the Church of England
Nonconformists Christian denomination that didn't want to conform to the un-Biblical teachings of the Church of England
Separatists Christian denomination that though there was no way to purify the Church of England; they wanted to separate from the church
Puritanical Rule-bound; prudish; "Destroy fun"
Parallelism similar word order and structure
Turn in poetry, indicates a switch in direction
Inversion the reversal of the normal order of words for emphasis or meter
Rhythm the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables, esp. in verse
Foot/Feet a combination of stressed/unstressed syllables
Meter a sequence of feet, creating a pattern
iamb an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable
Repetition repeats the same words or phrases several times to make an idea clearer or more memorable
Hyperbole figure of speech that involves exaggeration of ideas for emphasis
Metaphor a direct comparison of two unlike things
Extended metaphor a metaphor that continues through multiple sentences of a paragraph (or more) or through multiple lines within a poem
Paraphrase restatement of all the ideas of a passage in one’s own words.
Summary a brief version of a longer work
Direct Address the name of the person (normally) who is being directly spoken to. It is always a proper noun. It is set off by commas
Exclamatory Sentence a statement that conveys strong emotion or excitement
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