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1. Which of the following properties is a result of hydrogen bonding between water molecules? a. The ability to dissolve polar substances, The ability of ice to float in water, High surface tension, High specific heat
2. An unsaturated fatty acid is one in which d. Carbon-carbon double bonds are present in they hydrocarbon chain
3. You are bored at a lunch meeting and surreptitiously place a raisin in your glass of water. The raisin swells to twice its original size. Relative to the water, the raisin must have been c. Hypertonic
4. What is the main function of the nucleolus? b. It is the site of ribosome-subunit synthesis
5. “Beta-blocker” do all a. Block signaling though adrenaline receptors, c. Reduce outward symptoms of anxiety, d. Reduce the effects of adrenaline on the heart, e. Reduce high blood pressure
6. A protein is a polymer of: c. Amino acids
Energy used in cellular respiration can originate from Carbohydrates proteins and fats
Glycogen belongs in the class of molecules known as Polysaccharides
A nucleotide consists of a phosphate group, a pentose sugar, and ______________, all linked together by covalent bonds. A nitrogen containing base
In a randomized, controlled double blind study Neither the experimenter nor the subject know whether the subject is in a control or an experimental group
Evaporation from the leaves of a tree will pull water up through the roots as an unbroken column throughout the entire height of the tree. This feat is possible because of what characteristic of water Cohesion
An atom can be changed into an ion by adding or removing an electron
The number of protons in an element, also called its _____________, identifies the element Atomic number
Nuclear _______ are specialized holes in the ________ - layered nuclear envelope that separates the nucleus from the ____________. Pores; two; cytoplasm
The largest structure in a eukaryotic cell is the __________ and is surrounded by _____ membranes. Nucleus; two
Which one of the following organelles is NOT found in both plant and animal cells Central vacuole
Which of the following is NOT an important structural feature on the surface membrane of an animal cell Cell wall
Diffusion across the cell’s outer membrane Occurs with the input of energy
In controlled experiments: One variable is manipulated while others are held constant
Just four elements make up more than 96% of the human body. These include all of the following EXCEPT: Sodium
How an atom bonds with other atoms is chiefly determined by Its electrons
Certain molecules act like bank accounts for H+ ions because they can absorb excess H+ ions to keep a solution from becoming too acidic and release H+ ions to keep the solution from becoming too basic. Such molecules are called Buffers
Cellular respiration liberates energy which can be stored in ATP
Which of the following BEST defines diffusion Net movement of particles from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration
The primary function of molecular membranes is the transport of ions and molecules in and out of cells. The movement of molecules from areas of low concentration to those of high concentration against chemical gradients is best described as: Isotonic
If the solution surrounding a cell contains the same amount of solute as the cytoplasm the osmotic condition is said to be: Isotonic
Lipids are made up of Triglycerides
Which of the following statement about cell theory is CORRECT? All living organisms are made up of one or more cells All cells arise from other pre-existing cells. All eukaryotic cells contain symbiotic protist.
Membrane bound vesicles containing a substance synthesized by a cell fuse to the outer cell membrane and release their contents to the outside world. What is this process called? Exocytosis
To absorb large particles, cells engulf them within their plasma membrane in a process called Endocytosis
Enzymes are composed of Amino acids
In DNA, adenine from one strand binds to _____ in the complementary strand. Thymine
A group of individuals in a scientific study have lemon juice sprayed in their armpits, rather than “Nosweat” antiperspirant, in an experimental study to determine whether the brand “no sweat” is more effective than other brands. This group is a ________ Control group
An electronically balanced atom of chorine has 17 proteins in its nucleus. How many electrons does it have in its outermost shell? 7
Product of fermentation (anaerobic respiration) in humans: Lactic acid
Pairing together corn and beans or rice and lentils in a single meal is advisable because: Together they provide all the essential amino acids
Plants absorb wavelengths in all but which part of the spectrum Green
The second orbital shell of an atom can hold 8 electrons
Packets of energy from the sun are called Photons
In natural sciences do scientists ever absolutely 100% prove anything? No
What do the tools of science allow scientists to say about the metaphysical aspects of life? Nothing
What is the problem with having few repetitions (very small sets of data) in an experiment?
Ideally, how many variables will exist between an experimental group and the control group? One
What is wrong with the following hypothesis about plant growth:This plant grows poorly because it is unhappy. This is a null hypothesis. Happiness and plant growth are unrelated. The happiness of a plant does not determine growth patterns
What particle of an atom carries a positive charge? Proton
Which of the following types of chemical bonds is the strongest? Covalent
Simple sugars are the subunits of which type of macromolecules? Carbohydrates
What is the smallest unit in which life is found? Cell
The organelle of a cell which is the site of protein synthesis is the: ribosome
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