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Capítulo 1_Gozar

Verbos_el imperfecto

asustarse to get frightened
De pequeña, mi sobrina se asustaba cuando veía un payaso. When she was little, my niece used to get frightened when she say a clown.
celebrar to celebrate
Su abuela celebraba el santo más que el cumpleaños. His grandmother used to celebrate her feast day more than her birthday.
cumplir años to have a birthday
La abuela cumplía en diciembre. Grandmother used to have her birthday in December.
dar una fiesta to give a party
Ella siempre daba una gran fiesta de cumpleaños, pero ya no puede. She used to always give a big birthday party, but she is not able to anymore.
ya no not anymore
todavía no not yet
disfrazarse to wear a costume
Todos los años ellos se disfrazaban de payasos para Mardi Gras en New Orleans. Every year they used to wear clown costumes for Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Toda la familia se disfrazaba cuando iban a ver la parada del carnaval. The whole family would wear costumes when they went to see the carnival parade.
gritar to shout
un grito a scream
Los niños gritaban y gritaban. The children were shouting and shouting.
hacer un brindis to make a toast (at an event)
Al abuelo le gustaba hacer un brindis para el Año Nuevo. Grandfather used to love to make a toast to the New Year.
llorar to cry
El bebé lloraba y lloraba sin parar. The baby was crying and crying without stopping.
olvidar to forget
Ay, se me olvidaban las llaves. Oh, I was forgetting the keys.
pasarlo bien to have a good time
Lo pasábamos muy bien con ellos. We used to have a good time with them.
pasarlo mal to have a bad time
Siempre lo pasaba mal ella. She used to always have a bad time.
ponerse to become / to get
Yo me ponía furiosa cuando se acababa la comida muy rápido. I used to get furious when the food ran out very fast.
Yo me ponía triste por las mañanas si no tenía tiempo de desayunar. I used to get sad in the mornings if I didn´t have time to eat breakfast.
portarse bien to behave well
portarse mal to behave badly
José se portaba mal de niño. José used to behave badly as a child.
José se portaba muy bien en la escuela primaria. José used to behave very well in lower elementary school.
reaccionar to react
¿Cómo reaccionabas de niño cuando veías un payaso? How did you react as a child when you saw a clown.
recordar to remember
La abuela siempre recordaba su niñez con tristeza. Grandmother always remembered her childhood with sadness.
reunirse to get together
Nos reuníamos todos los domingos. We used to get together on Sundays.
sorprender to surprise
Él siempre sorprendía a su esposa con una fiesta de cumpleaños. He always surprised his wife with a birthday party.
sorprenderse to become surprised
Ella siempre se sorprendía con la fiesta de sorpresa que le daba su esposo todos los años. She was always surprised with the surprise birthday party that her husband gave her every year.
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