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intentionally on purpose; purposely ;
impose (v) force , enforce;
persistent (adj) constant, contiuning;
seldom(adv) rarely, almost never
dense (adj) thick, heavy;
autonomy (n) independed, self governing
denied (v) refuse;
exempt (v) free from; exused;
intensified (v) escalate, boot, increase;
commitment (n) guarantee ;
Important (adj) critical, crucial, significant;
decision life choise, selection , determination
alone by himeself, by oneself ;
initiative (n) ability to take an action
implicitly (adv) not direct;
incentive (n) motivation
likewise (adv) in the same way, similarly
enhance (v) increase the quality, amount, or strengh of something
undeniable (adj) certainly true;
compel (compelled) force ;
underpaid (adj) underpay (v)
evolve (v) change, turn into
viable (adj) achievable;
debatable (adj) arguable, disputable
rewarded (syn) honoured
commend (v) congratualte
advocate (n) protector
alternatively (adv) istead;
open-minded accepting
closed-minded not willing to discover new things
self-conscious embarrased, uncomfortable
possession (n) the state of having , owning, or controlling something
inadvertently (adv) accidentally ; His name was inadvertently omitted from the list.
allocate (v) distribute; It is argued that countries sould allocate more funds to education;
reap (v) cut or gather ; This has reaped benefits in the form of hight-tech companies
compel (v) force or oblige (someone) to do something;
outperform (v) exceed
compound (v) make up (a composite whole);
incorporate (v) take in or containe as part of whole; This aircraft incorporates several new safety features.
convenient (adj) suitable
specifically (adv) for a particular purpose; This book creat specifically for children from 4 to 10.
assert (v) declare, contend Some people assert that
apparently (adv) as far as one knows or can see; Apparently many position require certain qualification;
devastating (adj) destructive, ruinous, disastrous a devastating storm came to Bangladesh;
exhaust fumes gases ejected from engine;
vehicle (n) car;
expose (v) exposed (adj) reveal, uncover, visible;
identity (n) specification,
minority (n) a small number of a part; minority group, minority languages, minority
endeavor (v) attempt, try (hard) Engineers are endeavor to locate the source of problem;
outfit (v) equip; supply; The government outfit local army with guns;
detrimental (adj) harmful, damaging Drinking to much alcohol could have a detimental effect on her health.
settle (v) resolve, sort out, solve Every effort was made to settle the dispute
settle (v) decide
density (n) thickness Hight density of population
soar (v) climb, rise But the percentage of unemployement has soared.
correlate (v) connect, relate, associate money directly correlate to happiness
liability (n) responsibility The partners accept unlimited liabilities if something happened.
contentment (n) satisfaction, happiness He found contentment in living simple life in the country
coerce (v) force; The were coerced into silence
espouse (v) adopt, support
affirm (v) assert, state The science affirm that children are up to 40 precent less active than they were 20 years ago
backing support; If I go ahead with this project, can I count on your backing?
monetary (adj) relating to the money in a country monetary policy / control;
mitigate (v) reduce; It is unclear how to mitigate the effects of tourism on the island.
resistant (adj) not wanting to accept something Why are you so resistant to change?
efficacy (n) effectiveness; They recently ran a series of tests to measure the efficacy of the drug
excited thrilled
worried afraid;
immensely (adj) extremely , very He was immensely popular in his day.
deter (v) discourage The ex-prisoner advice can help to deter teenagers from committing crimes.
tribe (n) a group of people, often of related families, who live together, sharing the same language, culture, and history a tribe of Amazonian Indians
Created by: Aflobin
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