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Chemistry Exam

the branch of chemistry that includes the study of materials and processes that occur in living thigs biochemistry
applied research is carried out for the sake of gaining knowledge
a physical property may be investigated by melting ice
2 features that distinguish matter is mass and volume
an example of extensive physical property is mass
a physical change occurs when glue gun melts glue
Group___ in the periodic table contains only metal 2
physical means can be used to seperate mixtures
the particles in a solid are tightly packed
what is not a property of metals unreactivity
what is an example of observations in quantative liquid boils at 100 celsius
quantative observations are recorded using what non-numerical information
standards are chosen because they have units that can be converted into other units
symbol for metric unit g
m to the third power measures volume
symbol for for volume is mL
SI base unit for time is seconds
a change in the earth's gravity on an object will affect its weigh
what is an example of units weight
how many minutes are in one week 10080
schoolmaster who proposed the atomic theory John Dalton
what is the study of chemicals and how they work chemistry
smallest element that can be alone atom
organic chemistry study of carbon containing compounds
discovery of the electron resulted from experiments using cathode rays
atomic number for aluminum 13
Phosphorus-33 contains 18 neutrons
reactions that affect the nucleous of an atom are called nuclear reactions
who called the atom an atom Democritus
what unit measures radiation rem
for electromagnetic radiation, speed of light equlas frequency times wavelength
SI unit of measure for electromagnetic radiation hertz
wave property of electro. radiation frequency
part of the atom where the electrons cant be found nucleus
number of orbitals for sublevel d 5
number of orbitals for sublevel f 7
how many orbitals can exist in the second main energy level 4
what group is the noble gases 18
how many groups are in the periodic table 18
how many periods are on the periodic table 7
what group does lithium and potassium belong to alkali metals
Mendeleev predicted that the spaces in his periodic table represented undiscoverd elements
Mendeleev attempted to organize the chemical elements based on their properties
modern periodic tables are based on increasing atomic number
Argon,Krypton, and xeneon are noble gases
fluorine and chlorine belong to halogens
horizontal rows on the periodic table periods
number of valence electrons for group 17 7
how many protons des Antimony have 51
elements in group 1 alkali metals
electrons involved in the formation of a chemical bond valence electrons
Atoms are ___ when they are combined more stable
a covalent bond results when____ are shared electrons
most chemical bonds are partly ionic and partly covalent
a neutral group of atoms held together by a covalent bond is a molecule
an octet is equal to NO
what is not a property of an ionic compound low boiling point
characteristic of metallic bonds malleable and ductible
the elements of the____ group satisfy the octet rule noble gas
how many double bonds are in the Lewis structure for Hydrogen Fuoride one
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