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The bracnh of chemistry concerned with the properties, changes, and relationships between energy and matter is.. physical chemistry
basic research is carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge
chemical properties include changes that alter the identity of a substance
particles of a solid are packed closely together
which of the following is an intensive property color
state of matter in which a material has definite volume but no definite shape liquid state
an example of extensive physical property mass
physical occurs when glue gun melts a glue stick
most useful source of chemical information about the elements is a periodic table
verticle column of blocks in the periodic table is called group
qualitative observations are recorded using non-numerical information
testable statement used for making predictions and carrying out further experiments hypothesis
SI sandard units for length and mass are meter and kilogram
symbol for metric unit for mass is g
symbol that represents measured unit for volume is mL
SI base unit for time is the second
most appropriate SI unit for measuring the length of a car is the meter
change in the force of Earth's gravity on an object will affect its weight
how many minutes are in 1 week 10 080
to determine density quantities that must be measured are volume and mass
gamma rays are electromagnetic waves
Phosphorus-33 cantains 18 neutrons
Nickel-60 has 32 neutrons
who called the atom an atom Democritus
discovery of electron rusulted from experiments using cathode rays
All atoms of the same element have the same atomic number
Atomic number of oxygen is 8, indicates there are 8... protons
what does the 218 in polonium-218 represent the mass number
what intrument detects radiation by counting electric pulses carried by ionized atoms Geiger-Muller counters
radioactive tracers are used to follow movement of substances in system
distance between two successive peaks on a wave is its wavelength
element with 8 electrons in its highest main energy level is a noble gas
emission of electrons from metals that have absorbed photons is called the photoelectric effect
how many quantum numbers are needed to describe the energy state of an electron in an atom 4
which group are the noble gases 18
what is the total number of electrons needed to fill the first two main energy levels 10
the atomic sublevel with the next hishest energy after 4p is 5s
number of orbitals for d sublevel is 5
Max Planck proposed that a hot object readiated energy in small specific amounts called quanta
a quantom of electromagnetic energy is called photon
the discovery of the noble gases changed Mendeleev's periodic table by adding a new group
to which group do lithium and potassium belong alkali metals
Medeleev attempted to organize the chemical elements based on their properties
most useful source of information about the elements is a periodic table
in the modern periodic table elements are ordered according to increasing atomic number
argon, krypton, and xenon are noble gases
to which group do chlorine and flourine belong halogens
horizontal row of blocks in the periodic table is called period
positive ion is known as cation
negative ion is known as anion
atoms are_______when they are combined more stable
when atoms atoms share electrons the electrical attraction of an atom for the electrons is called the atoms electronegativity
covalent bond results when ___________ are shared electrons
in many compounds atoms of main group elements form bonds so that the number of electrons in the outermost energy level is 8
chemical bond resulting from the electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ions is called ionic bond
chemical bond formed when 2 atoms share electrons is called a covalent bond
a compound that vaporizes readily at room temperature is most likely to be a molecular compound
elements of the __________ group satisfy the octet rule without forming compounds noble gases
what is not a property of an ionic compund low boiling point
to draw a lewis structure one must know the number of valence electrons in each atom
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