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Jennifers stack

Exam Study Guide

`Study of the composition and structure of materials and the changes that materials undergo best describes the science of Chemistry
A physical Property may be invested by melting ice
Technology is the analysis ochemical behavior
Elememts in a group in the periodic table can be expected to have similar properties
The elements that border the zigzag line in the periodic table are metalloids
Two features that that distiguish matter are mass and volume
The particles in solids are packed closely together
The state of matter in hich a material has a def. shape and def. volume solid state
The most useful source of chemical information about the elememts periodic table
The branch of chemistry that is concerned with the identification and composition of materials is analytical chemistry
*Quantitative observations are recorded using numerical info.
Qualitative observations are recorded using non-numerical information
The SI units for length and mass are meter and kilogram
The symbol for the metric unit to maesure mass is g
a change in Earth's gravity on an object will sffect its weight
To determine density, he qualities that must be measured are volume and mass
Poor precision in scientific measurement may arise from both human error and the limitations of the measuring indtrument
The number of sig figs in the measurement 0.000 305 kg is 3
what would be the most appropriate SI unit for expressing the mass of a single brick Kilograms
Why should scientists record all observations, even those that appear insignificant They should b/c later on another scientist could use their observations for another research or something
* Rutherfords experiments led to the discovery of the nucleus
organic chemistry is the study of carbon containing compounds
What is the atomic number for aluminum 13
Sulphur-34 contains 18 neutrons
Gamma rays are electromagnetic wave
what unit messures radiation roentgen
what scientist discovered electrons J.J Thompson
what are often used to monitor the approx. radiation exposure of people working with radioactive materials film badges
What is the atomic number for Tungsten 74
isotopes of an element contain different numbers of neutrons
* The distance between two successive peaks on a wave is its wavelength
In SI, the frequency of electromagnetic radiation is measured in hertz
A quantum of electromagnetic energy is called an photon
a 3-dementional region around a nucleus where an atom may be found is called an orbital
How many quantum #'s are needed to describe the energy state of an electron in an atom 4
The number of orbitals for the d sublevel is 5
For the f sublevel, the number of orbitals is 7
What is the total number of electronsd neeeded to filolo the first 2 main energy levels 10
The atomic sublevel with the next highest energy level after 4p is 5s
The main energy level that can hold only 2 eletrons is the first
*Mendeleev is credited with developing the first successful periodic table
To which group does lithium and potassium belong to alkali metals
elelments to the right side of the periodic table(p-block elements) have properties most associated with metals
The energy required to move an electron from an atom is the atoms ionization energy
A measure of the ability of an atom in a chemical compound to attract electrons is called electronegativity
The element that has the greatest electronegativity is Fluorine
1/2 the distance between the nuclei of identical atomsd that are bonded together are called atomic radius
A positive ion is known as a cation
The number a valence electrons in Group 2 elements is 2
within a group of elements, as the atomic number increases, the atomic radius increases
*A mutual electrical attraction btween the nuclei and valence electrons of different atoms that binds atoms together is called chemical bond
Atoms are ----- when they are combined more stable
Most chemical bonds are partly ionic and partly covalent
A covalent bond results when---are shared electrons
An octet is = to? 8
The elements of the---- group satisfy the octet rule w/out forming compounds noble gas
TO draw a lewis structure, one must know the number of valence electrons in each atom
How many double bonds are in the lewis structure for hydrogen fluoride, HF one
Malleability are ductility are characteristics of substances with metallic bonds
A chemical bond resulting from the electrostatic attraction b/t positive and negative ions is called an ionic bond
Created by: J-LO