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001-O/Starter ABC

English, 7 razred

irregular nepravilan
anything nešto
take photo fotografisati
take photo of fotografisati nešto ili nekog
take photo of a forest fotografisati šumu
Really? stvarno
happen desiti se
post office pošta
follow pratiti
bridge most
disappear nestati
round okolo
sit down sjesti
patient strpljiv
again opet
pleased zadovoljan
shopping centre tržni centar
reply odgovoriti
regular pravilan
catch uhvatiti
last weekend prošli vikend
take photo of a cat fotografisati mačku
towards prema
show šou
clothes odjeća
miss propustiti
tune into oslušnuti
Chat show čat šou
first prize prva nagrada
Don't complain! Ne žali se
radio station radio stanica
bus station autobuska stanica
hair brush četka za kosu
rubbish smeće
quizzes kvizovi
switch off ugasiti
switch on the computer upaliti kompjuter
turn up pojačati
turn down smanjiti
volume ton
voice glas
complain žaliti se
Don't cry! Nemoj da plačeš!
the magic amulet čarobna amajlija
rainy day kišni dan
what about Šta kažeš da
ancient antički
skateboarding vožnja skejtborda
want željeti
why don't we Zašto ne bismo
thing stvar
use koristiti
Let's use Hajde da iskoristimo
decide odlučiti
exibition izložba
coin novčić
Created by: Vuksanovic
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