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Austin C

Chem Study Guide Exam

The branch of Chemistry concerned with the identification and compisition of materials. Analyical
Carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge. Basic Research
These properties include changes that alter the identity of a substance. Chemical Properties
Carried out to solve a problem. Applied research
Particles in a solid state are? packed closely together
State of matter in which material has neither a definite shape nor definite volume Gaseous State
Elements that border the zig-zag line in the period table. Metalloids
A vertical column of blocks on the periodic table. Group
Elements in a group can be expected to have similar properties
In what state does the material has a definite volume but no definite state liquid state
A testable statement used for making predictions and carrying further experiments Hypothesis
Symbol for metric unit used to measure mass Gram
The symbol that represents the measured unit for volume mL
SI unit for time Second
A change in the earth's gravity on an object will affect its? weight
to calculate an objects density you divide its mass by is? volume
Number of significant digits in the measurement 210cm is two
The graph of a direct proportion is a straight line
The SI standards for lenght and mass meter kilogram
Number of significant digitd in 170.040 six
School master who studied chemistry and proposed an atomic theory John Dalton
DIscovered the nucleus by bombarding gold foil with positivly charged particles Rutherford
Smallest unit of an element that can exist alone or in combination with other such particles? atom
Nickel-60 has ____ neutrons 32
Aluminium has an atomic number of 13
Which of the following proceses always decreases the number of protons by an even number alpha decay
What unit measures radiation damage to human tissue rem
Who called the 'atom' the atom Democritus
What unit measures radiation roentgen
In a glass tube, electrical current passes from the negative electrode, called the _____ to the other electrode. cathode
As it travels through space , electromagnetic radiation exibits what type of behavior wavelike
The distance between two successive peaks on a wave wavelength
A quantum of electromagnetic energy photon
Main energy level that can hold only two electrons first
The atomic sublevel with the next highest energy after 4p 5s
An element with eight electrons in its highest energy level noble gas
Which group is halogens 17
How many periods are on the periodic table 7
How many groups are on the periodic table 18
The statement that electron occupies the lowest avalible energy orbital Aufbau Principle
Elements with atomic numbers 58-71 in the periodic table lanthanide
Argon, krypton, and xenon are noble gases
Person whose work led to a periodic table based on increasing atomic number Moseley
Mendeleev attempted to organize the chemical elements based on there properties
Period 4 contains 18 elements. How many of these elements are in the d sublevel 10
Elements in the d sublevel have properties of metals
Measure of the ability of an atom in a chemical compuond to attract electrons is an atom's electronegativity
Postive ion cation
Negative ion anion
The most characteristic property of the noble gases largely unreactive
An octet is equal to 8
The chemical bond formed when two atoms share electrons covalent bond
If two covalently bonded atoms are identical the bond is nonpolar covalent
Most _______ _________ are partly ionic and partly covalent chemical bonds
The electrons involved in the formation of a chemical bond valence
Atoms are _____ stable when they are combined more
The electron- sea model bonding represents metallic bonding
If a mateial can be shaped or xtended by physical pressure, such as hammering, which property does the material have? mallealbility
In drawing a Lewis structure, each nonmetal atom except hydrongen should be surrounded by how many electrons 8
Compared to ionic compounds, molecular compounds have _______ melting points lower
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