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Nolan Chem Guide

Exam Study Guide

Basic research is carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge.
Chemical properties include changes that alter the idenity of a substance.
Two features that distinguish matter are mass and volume.
The particles in a solid are packed closely together
Physical means can be used to seperate mixtures
Technology is scientific knowledge to solve a problem
applied reserach is used to carried out to solve a problem
study of subtances containing carbon organic
a physical property may be investigated by melting ice
chemical properties include changes that alterte idenity of a substance
Quantitative observations are recorded using numerical information
Qualitative observations are recorded using non-numerical information
a testable statement used for making predictions and carrying out further experiments is a hypothesis
the metric unit for length that is closest to the thickness of a dime is millimeter
The symbol for the metric unit used to measure mass is g
the symbol that represents the measured unit for volume is mL
the SI base unit for time is second
the best SI unit for measuring the length of an automobile is the meter
how many minutes are in one week? 10080
Who was the schoolmaster who studied chemistry and proposed an atomic theory? John Dalton
Who discovered the nucleus by bombarding gold foil with positivly charged particles? Rutherford
rutherford's experiments led to the discovery of the nucleus
experiments with the cathode rays led to the discovery of the electron
organic chemistry is the study of carbon containing compounds
the discovery of the electron resulted from experiments using cathode rays
all the atoms of the same elements have the same atomic number
nickel-60 has 32 neutrons
what does the 218 in polonium-218 represent? the mass number
a nuclide is identified by the number of protons in its nucleus
in SI, the frequency of electromagnetic radiation hertz
one of the wave properties of electromagnetic radiation, such as light, is frequency
as it travels through space, electromagnetic radiation exhibits wavelike behavior
the distance between two succesive peaks ona wave is its wavelength
a qunatuam of electromagnetic energy is called a photon
the wave model of light did not explain the photoeletric effect
Max planck proposed that a hot object radiated energy in small, specific amounts called quanta
part of the atom where electrons cannot be found nucleus
how many quantum numbers are needed to describe the energy state of an electron in an atom? 4
for the f sublevel, the number of orbitals is 7
the deiscovery of the noble gases changed mendeleev's periodic table by adding a new group
What are the elements with atomic numbers from 58-71 in the periodic table called the lanthanide
what group do lithium and potassium belong? alkali metals
elements ina group or column in the periodic table can be expected to have similar properties
mendeleev predicted that the spaces in the table represented undiscovered elements
in the modern periodic table, elements are ordered according to atomic number
argon, krypton, and xenon are noble gases
to which group do fluorine and chlorine belong halogens
a horizontal row of blocks in the periodic table is called a period
a negative ion is know as a anion
The electrons involved in the formation of a chemical bond are called valance electrons
atoms whn combined are more stable
the chemical bond formed when two atoms share an electron covalent bond
if two covalenty bonded atoms are identical, the bond is nonpolar covalent
most chemical bonds are partly ionic and partly covalent
a covalent bond results when lewis structures are shared
a neutral group of atoms held together by covalent bonds is a molecule
what is not an example of a molecular formula B
an octet is equal to 8
to draw a lewis structure, one must know the number of valence electrons in each atom
Created by: nolanp11