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The One & Only Ivan

AoPS Reader's Theater

amends Make up for a wrongdoing
coax gently & persistently persuade someone to do something
bankrupt a person or organization unable to pay debts
indifferent neutral or uninterested
sulk bad tempered because of annoyance
fleck to mark or dot with small patches of color
lilt rising and falling of the voice
ragged old and torn
hoarse sounding rough or harsh
addled unable to think clearly
billow a rolling mass that resembles a high wave
timid lacking in courage
feeble lacking in strength
threadbare shabby, cheap, very poor
scrawny thin in body size
shrill a high pitched & piercing sound
wily clever
wistful displaying a regretful longing
philosopher someone who reflects on the nature and reality of existence
tactful considerate when dealing with people or difficult issues
scowl an angry or bad tempered expression
squabble a noisy quarrel about something petty
bedraggled dirty and disheveled
surly bad tempered and unfriendly
forage obtain food or provisions
trudge walk slowly and with heavy steps
solemnly in a serious manner
gingerly in a careful or cautious manner
scornful feeling or expressing that something is worthless
artistic license freedoms an artist takes with the facts when creating
smudge blurred or smeared
beckoncid call or invite, usually with a gesture
fleeting lasting for a very short time
tempermental prone to mood changes
monstrosity something large and sometimes ugly
bellow deep loud roar
disarray disorganization
coincidence when two events happen at the same time without any obvious connection
incidentally accidentally
distinguished showing dignity, authority or success