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EW 6 B un 11 part 1


BMX biker (n) a biker who rides a BMX
BMX biking (n) the sport of riding a BMX bike
canoeing (n) the sport or hobby of padding a canoe
chart (n) information shown in a table with lines and squares
compete (v) to try to win agtainst another person or people
competition (n) an event when individuals or teams compete to find the winner
competitor (person) someone who competes
control (v) to work or use something so that you have power over it
downhill (adv) in a direction going down the hill
elbow the part of your arm that bends
elbow pad a piece of thick material that is worn on the elbow to protect it
equipment things you need to do an activity
extreme(adj) much more then usual
fool (n) a very silly person
freestyle (adj) when anyway of doing things is allowed
googles (n) thick glasses that protects eyes
in-line skates (n) skates with wheels in a line
in-line skating (v) the sport of skating on in-line skates
kite (n) a cloth object, that can fly in the sky
kite surfer (n) a person who rides across the sea on a board with large kite
kite surfing (v) the sport of kite surfing
knee (n) the part of your leg that bends
knee pad (n) a thick piece of material that protects the knee
life Jacket (n) a jacket with air inside, that help person to float in water
marathon (n) a running race that is 42 km long
Created by: Svetyik