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Harry Potter Vocab.3


Broomstick Palo de la escoba (handle of broom)
Shabby Desgastado/ Gastado
Chatter Parloteo/ Charloteo/ Cháchara (talk, gossip)
Bless Bendecir/ Consagrar
Weed Maleza/ Mala hierba/ Hierbajo
Copper (pronunc. copaa) Cobre
Brass Latón
Curse Maldición/ Meleficio (evil spell)
Spindly Largirucho (long and thin)
Willow Sauce (tree)
Charm Encanto/ Atractivo (likeability)
Creepy (informal) De miedo/ De terror (scary, unnerving)
Pliable Plegable/ Flexible
Yew (pronunc. youw) Tejo (evergreen tree)
Measure Medir
Core Centro/ Núcleo (centre of a planet)// Corazón (centre of a fruit)
Supple Flexible (body: flexible)
Gawk (pronunc. gok) Mirar boquiabierto
Term Término (word or phrase)// Trimestre (part of the school year)
Shove Empujón/ Empujar (push)
Trunk Tronco (tree)
Gloomy Gris/ Encapotado (weather: dark or overcast)// Triste/ Melancólico (feeling sad or pessimistic)
Lane Carril
Starving Muerto de hambre (very hungry)
Flavour Sabor (taste)
Peppermint/ Mint Menta (aromatic herb)
Marmalade Mermelada (jam)
Liver Hígado
Coconut Coco
Nibble Mordisquito
Toad Sapo
Wail Gemido/ Llanto/ Lamento (mournful cry)
Snooze/ Nap Siesta/ Cabezada



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