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Matthew Edmondson

Exam SG

Question Answer
The ____ was not a direct result of the Industrial Revolution. Over hunting of large mammals
In which country id the population likely to be increasing most rapidly? Kenya
Which country is most likely to have either a stabilized or a slowly growing population? Canada
The "Tragedy of the Commons" describes the conflict between. individuals and society
An ecological footprint is the amount of land and ocean area needed to support one person
Compared to developing nations, developed nations have greater personal wealth
The term "biodiversity" refers to the number and variety of species that live in an area
sunlight, air, forest, are all natural resources
When the last member of a species dies, ___ is said to have occurred. extinction
Residents of developed countries consume ____ percent of the world's resources. 75
In an experiment, the factor of interest is called the variable
The classification and collection of data that are in the form of numbers is called statistics
A model of a dinosaur is an example of what? physical model
The average mass of a wolf in a pack of wolves is an example of mean
The chance that an earthquake will occur in your town during the next year is an example of risk
The chance that an event will happen is known as probability
Numeric information called ____ is gathered in an experiment. data
The group that does not receive the experimental treatment in an experiment is the control group
A ____ can explain an observation and predict what might happen in the future. theory
Principals or standards we consider important are knows as ___. Values
How did the Himalaya Mountains form? / colliding tectonic plates
The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere
The Richter scale describes the magnitude of earthquakes
Deep currents flow along the ocean floor
Energy is a closed system
The boundary between warm and cold water in an ocean or lake is thermocline
What are the pieces that compose the lithosphere? tectonic plates
A volcano is a mountain built from? magma
The transfer of energy through space is radiation
Ozone is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms
Many angiosperms depend on animals for / pollinating flowers and distributing seeds
Name an invertebrate. frog
Archaebacteria and Eubacteria are two kingdoms
The place that contains everything an organism needs is its habitat
A desert ecosystem contains air, living things, and sand
Single-celled organisms with cell walls but no nucleus are bacteria
Which two kingdoms contain organisms that can use energy from the d-sun to make food? protists, plants
Which two kingdoms contain organisms that break down dead organisms? eubacteria, fungi
The initial sourced of food in most land ecosystems is ___. plants
A collie is a breed of dog that exists because of _____ selection. artificial
Animals with backbones are? vertebrates
Consumers are organisms that / get solar or other energy indirectly
Which kind of organism obtains energy only from producers? herbivores
What term is used to refer to many feeding relationships that are possible in an ecosystem? food web
What is an example of a pioneer plant? shrub
Created by: m.ed