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chemistry facts

chemistry facts to know

Who founded the first periodic table? Demitri Mendelaev
What is the periodic law? When elements are organized in increasing atomic number there is a periodic repetition of chemical and physical properties
How are elements arranged on the periodic table? In increasing atomic number
The properties of metal are what? malleable, Ductle, good conductors, low ionization energy, low Electro-Negetaivity
What are the properties of Non-metals? Brittle, Bad Conductors, Non-Lustrous, Exist in all 3 phases of matter
Name of Group 1 on periodic table Alkali Metals
Name of Group 2 on periodic table Alkaline Metals
Name of Group 17 on periodic table Halogens
Name of Group 18 on periodic table Noble Gases
Which groups of elements are so reactive that they are not found as a free element in nature? Groups 1 , 2 and 17
What is the most reactive metal on the periodic table? Francium
What is the most reactive non-metal on the periodic table? Fluorine
What is the Definition of an Allotrope? An element existing in different molecular forms while remaining in the same phase. They have different chemical and physical properties.
Which group of elements is found in the uncombined state in nature? Group 18
Which element can only be formed from electolysis of its compounds? Fluorine
Why are positive Ions smaller than negative? Positive ions have a stronger internal magnet holding the electrons in closer to the nucleus.
Define an electrolyte A substance that ionizes in water and conducts electricity
What two factors affect the strength of the electrical conductivity of a compound? 1.) Concentration of the solution 2.) Degree of ionization
Why do compounds conduct electricity? Compounds conduct electricity because they have mobile ions
Define dissociation Action of water on ionic solids to produce hydrated ions
Properties of an acid - Corrosive - taste sour - form electrolytes - caustic
properties of a base - slippery feel - taste bitter - form electrolytes - caustic
How do you name simple acids? Hydro_ic acid
How do you name acids containing polyatomic ions? "ite" ---> "ous" "ate" ---> "ic"
What occurs in a neutralization reaction? Acid + Base ----> Salt + Water
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