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7d Pets vs Plants!

Garden plants and domestic animals

cause make something happen
puppy a young dog
bury put something into a hole in the ground and cover it
bones the hard white parts that make up a human's or animal's frame
flower bed a part of a garden where flowers grow close together
normal usual; common
behaviour the way that somebody acts
dig up take something out of the ground
cut down on reduce
four-legged friend a pet dog or cat
stink to produce a bad smell
awful terrible
sharp thorns pointy parts of a flower that come out of its stem
bush a plant with a lot of branches and a round shape
nasty bad; serious
scratch a cut
clipping a piece that has been cut off something, usually a plant
thorny with lots of thorns
twigs a small thin branches of a tree or bush
common normal; usual
harm to hurt or damage somebody/something
poisonous harmful because it contains poison
think twice think deeply
cruel very unkind; causing pain
lock up stop somebody/something from getting out
Created by: sgpetkova-genova
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