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U7 Our planet


plain a large, flat, open area of land
Maasai tribesman a member of an African tribe
pick up lift up
spear a long thin weapon with a sharp point
cattle cows
protect look after
enemy somebody/something that is against you
invention a machine, device or system thought up or made by somebody
nightly task a job somebody does every night
grow up develop and become older
depend on rely on
feed on eat
torch a hand-held device that shines an electric light
seem like appear that
install put in place
bulb the glass part of an electric lamp
connect join together with something
car battery the device that provides electrical power in a car
charge build up power
solar panel a device that converts the light and heat from the sun into electrical energy
flicker go on and off (of a light)
trick fool somebody into believing something
success achievement
system a set of devices powered by electricity
estimate guess
endangered in danger of dying out
locals the people belonging to a particular area
livestock animals kept by farmers
allow to let
beast aa wild animal
peace harmony
community a group of people living together in an area
earn praise to deserve approval
give a speech to speak in public
conference a large meeting of people to talk together about a specific subject
scholarship paid education
incredible amazing
bright future success in the future
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