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Transcr ch 3

appeal request for a review of a case or issue
constituent one who authorizes another to act for him /her as a representative; A client
credentials anything that provides the basis for confidence, belief, or credit
felonies crimes of grave characters such as murder or burglary
judgment the judicial decision of A cause in court
misdemeanor a transgression or offence less than a felony
municipal pertaining to local governments town or city
ordinance regulation
principal head or director of a school
probationary conditional
prosecution the instituting and carrying out of legal proceedings against a person
recommendation advice
restraints the acts of controlling or holding back
retention the act of retaining or keeping
subversive tending to overthrow an establishment
advice helpful information or counsel
advise to give advice or counsel
all ready a group is prepared
already before the time expected
capital chief or main; a city that is the seat of government; an uppercase letter; a sum of money
capitol building used by state legislature or congress in the United States
consul a government official
council an assembly
counsel to give advice; advice given; attorney
formally in f formal manner
formerly previously
its belonging to it
it's it is
principle rule or guide
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