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U6 Science

Our skin

stretch expand and become longer
weigh to be of a certain weight
on average usually; typically
organ each one of the parts of our bodies which has a particular function, e.g. the heart, lungs, liver, etc.
layer a thin flat area, usually lying above or below another
outer on the outside
epidermis the outer layer of the skin
cell a tiny structure which makes up all living things
keratin a protein found in our skin, nails, hair, etc.
strengthen make sth stronger
waterproof not allowing water to pass through it
melanin a dark substance found in our skin, hair and eyes which gives them their colour
darken make sth darker in colour
shield protect
dermis the middle layer of our skin
elastic able to stretch
inner being on the inside
hypodermis the bottom layer of our skin
store keep sth in order to use it later
fat a soft white substance under the skin that stores energy and keeps us warm
blood vessels each of the tubes that carry blood around the body
regulate keep sth constant
defence protection
bacteria germs
muscles each of the parts of the body that connect the bones and allow the body to move
bone the hard body parts that make up the skeleton of a creature
internal being in the inside
well-nourished having been given food and other substances necessary to survive, grow and stay healthy
mineral a substance found naturally in food
depend on rely on
whole grains the seeds of plants such as wheat, oats, barley, including their outer part
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