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Weather Idioms and S

(A Breath of) Fresh Air Something new and innovative, especially in contrast to a stagnant state of affairs
A Cold Day In July (Something that) will never happen
A snowball’s chance in hell To be very unlikely to succeed at something
A storm in a teacup Unnecessary anger or worry about an unimportant or trivial matter
All Wet Completely mistaken
Be snowed under Be extremely busy with work or things to do
Be/feel under the weather Be/feel unwell or ill
Blood and Thunder A dramatic, spectacular performance
(Be) a Breeze Very easy
Blow Hot and Cold Shift one’s level of enthusiasm repeatedly
Bolt from the Blue Something completely unexpected
Brainstorm To generate many ideas quickly
Break the ice To get something started, particularly by means of a social introduction or conversation
Bone Dry Completely dry, totally without moisture
Catch some rays To sit or lie outside in the sun
Chase Rainbows To pursue unrealistic goals
Cold Day in Hell A condition for something that would be extremely unlikely to occur
Come Hell or High Water No matter what happens
Come rain or shine Do regularly, whatever the circumstances
Cook Up a Storm Cook a great deal of food
Dead of winter The coldest, darkest part of winter
Dog days of the summer The hottest day of summer
(Every Cloud Has a) Silver Lining A positive aspect of a bad situation
Heavens open Start to rain heavily
In the dark Not informed
It never rains but it pours Bad luck and bad things tend to happen at the same time
In a Fog Confused, not mentally alert
Old Man Winter Winter
On Cloud Nine Extremely happy
On Thin Ice In a risky situation, especially in an interpersonal relationship
Once in a blue moon Very rarely
Get Wind of Hear about
Perfect Storm A rare combination of disastrous occurrences
Pure as the driven snow To be innocent and chaste (frequently used ironically)
Rain Cats And Dogs Rain heavily
Rain on Someone’s Parade Spoil someone’s plans
Right as Rain Absolutely correct
Soak up the sun To enjoy the sun
Spit into The Wind Wasting time on something futile
Steal Someone’s Thunder Upstage someone
Stormy relationship Relationship that has a lot arguments and disagreement
Take a Rain Check Decline an invitation but suggest that you’ll accept it at a later time.
Three Sheets to the Wind Very drunk
Throw Caution to the Wind To act in a daring way, without forethought
To be on thin ice To be in a risky situation
To break the ice To create a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere
To run hot and cold To be unable to make up one’s mind
Under the Weather Feeling ill
When Hell Freezes Over Never
Created by: teomirrcea
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