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U6d Alternative med

Alternative medicine and treatment

natural remedies treatments that are made using things from nature
import bring goods into a country from another country
inhale breathe in
effective working well
stuffy (of the nose)blocked making it difficult to breathe
sink a fixed container in a kitchen used for washing dishes
bowel a round container without a lid
drop a very small amount of a liquid
place to put something in a certain place
towel a soft cloth used to dry the body after a bath or shower
lean to bend your body in a certain direction
breathe move air into and out of your lungs
herbal (of plants) used for medicine, food, flavoring, etc.
tincture a medicine made from a plant extract mixed with alcohol
backache the condition of having pain in the back
dirt small pieces of mud, soil, etc.
wound a deep cut in the skin
heal (of a wound) to get better
petal each of the coloured parts that make up a flower
rinse wash quickly with clean water
jar a roun glass container with a lid
cider vinegar a liquid from sour apple juice
preserve keep sth in the same state for a long time
mixture a substance of two or more things mixed together
pour to cause a liquid to flow from one place to another
liquid a fluid, not a solid or a gas
spice a powder from parts of plants used to give flavour to food
health benefit a quality that a food or drink has which is good for the health
treatment the use of medicines or therapies to make a medical condition go away
minor not serious
soften make sth softer
rough (of skin) dry and hard
ground cinnamon a spice made from the bark of a tree which has been made into a powder
Created by: sgpetkova-genova
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