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Hourigan, 11-11

Hourigan--Everyday Vocabulary, Unit 2, Ch. 11

contingency a possibility; a possible future event that must be prepared for or guarded against
exonerate to free from guilt; to find innocent
indigenous native (to an area); living, growing, or produced naturally in a particular region
reinstate to put back; to restore to a previous position or condition
egocentric self-involved; seeing everything in terms of oneself
incongruous contradictory; out of place; having parts that are not in harmony or that are inconsistent
liability a handicap; something that acts as a drawback
prolific producing many works, results, or offspring
superfluous extra; beyond what is wanted, needed, or useful
contingency Mayor Ben Walsh has instituted a curfew to prepare for the ___ of violence and looting due to the riots.
exonerate Due to several clips of video footage, it is unlikely that former police officer Derek Chauvin will be ___(ed) for the murder of George Floyd.
indigenous Some of the ___ plants in our area are being choked out by invasive ones that were brought here from other places--ones that don't belong but are really taking hold.
reinstate After a brief leave-of-absence, Dr. Allen was ___(ed) to her former position.
egocentric That guy is so ___! He complained about being "inconvenienced" when his accountant had to reschedule due to a death in her family.
incongruous It seems ___ that people who protest unjust deaths use violence in trying to achieve their message.
liability Police officers like Chauvin are a ___ not only to their own departments but also to the image of police officers across America.
prolific Unfortunately, weeds like dandelions are much more ___ than any of the plants I actually planted in my landscape.
superfluous Because there are seven of us going on the trip, we have to pack carefully: No ___ items can go into our luggage.
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