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U6 Healthy mind

Illnesses, health, food& drink

species a group of plants or animals with similar characteristics
innocent harmless
be fooled to be tricked into believing something that is not true
organ each of the parts of our bodies which has a particular function, e.g. the heart, lungs, liver, etc.
eventually in the end
liver poisoning an occasion when something that you eat or drink makes the liver stop working properly
urushiol oil a liquid found in some plants that causes skin rashes
substance a type of solid, liquid or gas
allergic reaction a medical condition in which you become ill because of something you eat, touch or breath in
avoid try not to do something
symptom a sign of an illness
include to have as part of something
rash an area of red marks on the skin
blister a painful swelling on the skin filled with liquid
burning a painful feeling as if a part of your body is on fire
last to continue for some time
several a few
treatment the use of medicines or therapies to make a medical condition go away
suffer to experience something unpleasant
soak to cover something with a liquid for a period of time
affected area a part of the body that has a problem
alien plant a plant that is growing somewhere that is not its natural habitat
natural habitat the kind of environment that a plant or an animal usually lives in
spread to grow quickly and cover a large area
oxygen a gas that is in the air and which we breathe
manage to succeed in doing something difficult
control to limit the growth of something
pavement the raised part next to the road that people walk along
impossible not able to be done
genetically-modified (of a plant) that has had its DNA changed scientifically
criticise to say bad things anbout sb/sth
evidence proof
support show that sth is true
crop a plant that is grown for food
survive to continue to live
severe very bad
Created by: sgpetkova-genova
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