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Verbs in English - A

Verbs in English starting with the letter A

allow permitir, autorizar
add adicionar
appear aparecer
ask perguntar, pedir
accept aceitar, admitir
account explicar, contar, considerar
achieve alcançar, realizar, chegar
act agir, atuar, representar
admire admirar
admitr admitir, confessar, aceitar
advise aconselhar
affect afetar, abalar
afford proporcionar, dispor
agree concordar, combinar
aim apontar, visar
alert alertar
amuse divertir, entreter
analyse analisar
announce anunciar, apresentar, proclamar
annoy irritar, incomodar, aborrecer
answer responder
apologise desculpar, pedir desculpas
applaud aplaudir
apply aplicar, solicitar, requerer
appreciate apreciar, gostar
approve aprovar
argue discutir, argumentar
arise surgir
arrange organizar, providenciar, arranjar, arrumar, preparar
arrest prender, deter
arrive chegar
attach anexar, juntar, unir, vincular
attack atacar, agredir
attempt assistir, comparecer, frequentar
attract atrair, captar
avoid evitar, prevenir
awake acordar
abandon abandonar
abase humilhar, rebaixar, degradar
abash envergonhar
abate diminuir, mitigar, abater
abbreviate abreviar
abdicate abdicar, renunciar
abduct raptar
abend abandonar
abet instigar, estimular
abhor abominar, detestar, odiar
abide acatar, permanecer
abjure renunciar, abjurar, repudiar
abnegate abnegado
abolish abolir
abort abortar
abound abundam, ser rico, estar infestado
about-face invertido, meia volta, reviravolta
about-turn virada
abrade abradar, desgastar, raspar, corroer
Created by: pamelaialmeida
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