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The Hound of the Baskerville

hound a type of dog used for hunting
fog a thick cloud of tyny drops of water in the air that makes it difficult to see things
hang stay in the air for a long period of time
moor an area of open and high land with poor soil, covered with grass and low bushes
sigh to let out a deep breath expressing disappointment, pleasure, etc.
ruin spoil or destroy
depend on be determined by something; to rely on something
path a long strip of ground from one place to another that people walk along
further back at a greater distance in the opposite direction from something
sweep move quickly and smoothly
break the silence to end a period of time without sound
grow louder become more noisy
look out be careful
horror something shocking or terrifying
eyes wide with amazement eyes that are very wide because of surprise
rush hurry
mind the ability to think
paralyse cause something/somebody to be unable to move
spring out appear suddenly by jumping
shadow an area of darkness caused by light being blocked by something
burst suddenly come out
glow shine with a steady light
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