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Vocabulary Unit 4

Vowel Sounds /oo/ /yoo/

glue a thick, sticky substance used to join things together
flute a musical instrument played by blowing across or into a hole near one end. Different notes are sounded by covering holes along its length with the fingers
youth the time of life between being a child and being an adult
accuse to blade for wrongdoing
bruise an injury that leaves a mark on the skin but does not break it
stew a dish cooked by boiling slowly that is often a mixture of meat and vegetables
choose to pick out, especially on the basis of what one want and thinks best
loose not fastened tightly
lose 1) to be unable to find; mislay. 2) to be deprived of 3) to fail to win
view a scene; something to see
confuse to cause to be unable to understand or think clearly
cruise a sea voyage for pleasure
jewel 1) a precious stone; gem. 2) a valuable ornament, as a ring or necklace, especially one made of precious metal and set with gems. 3) a person or thing that is greatly admired or valued
dilute to make thinner or less concentrated
route a road or course for traveling from on place to another
cartoon a drawing, often appearing with a caption, showing a humorous situation
avenue a usually wide street
include to have as a part or a member; contain
assume to take for granted; to suppose
souvenir a token kept as a remembrance, as of a place or event
fruit a seed-bearing plant parts that is fleshy or juicy, eaten as food
group a number of persons or things gathered together
refuse to turn down
argue to give reasons for or against something
foolish lacking good sense or judgement
conclude to bring to an end
pursuit the act of chasing
intrude to break, come, or force in without being wanted or asked; trespass; invade
subdue to quiet or bring under control
presume to assume to be true in the absence of proof; to take for granted
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