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Vocabulary in general education for B1 CEFR students of English

private school escuela / colegio / instituto privado school funded by organisations.
nursery school escuela de infantil school for 3 to 5 year old children
primary school (KS1 and KS2) colegio de primaria (desde 1º a 6º primaria) school for 5 to 11 year old children
secondary school (KS3 and KS4) instituto de secundaria (desde 1ºESO hasta 1ºBachillerato) school for 11 to 16 year old teenagers
sixth form college (KS5) instituto de Bachillerato (sólo 2º de Bachillerato) school for 16 to 18 year old teenagers
GCE AS / A Levels pruebas nacionales finales de certificación de Bachillerato, no es la PAU.
GCSE pruebas finales de certificación de la ESO General Certificate in Secondary Education
Year 11 and Year 12 (KS4 and KS5) Bachillerato
Key Stage 1 / KS1 1º y 2º de primaria
Key Stage 2 / KS2 3º, 4º, 5º y 6º de primaria
Key Stage 3 / KS3 1º, 2º y 3º ESO
Key Stage / KS4 4ºESO y 1º Bachillerato
Key Stage 5 / KS5 / Year 12 2º Bachillerato
Vocational education formación profesional
private tutor profesor particular a teacher who works just with one student.
tutor tutor en el instituto a teacher who works just with a small group of students.
compulsory subjects asignaturas obligatorias
distance learning educación a distancia
degree in... grado (universitario) en...
postgraduate in... estudios post-universitarios en...
certificate in... diploma in... certificado de estudios en...
grant /scholarship beca an amount of money given to a student to study
term trimestre one of the three periods of time that a school year is divided into
first, second... period primera, segunda... hora (del horario) any of the parts of time a school day is divided into
curriculum currículo subjects that are taught in a school
schedule horario timetable; a series of lessons on a particular subject
class grupo de alumnos a group of students being taught together
lesson lección / sesión de clase a period of instruction at a school
classroom clase (el lugar) the place where a lesson is held
course year curso escolar the period of time to complete a level in education
mark / grade / result nota a letter or a number given to evaluate a school work, exam or test that shows how well a student has performed
deadline fecha de entrega / fecha límite the date when you have to hand in an assignment
assignment entrega de un trabajo a dissertation or school work
public school escuela / colegio / instituto público school funded by the government
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