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Unit 4 Law & Order


thief who steals things
hang around spend a lot of time in a place doing nothing
scene of the crime a place where a crime took place
choice something you can choose from a range of things
escape getaway
burgle break into a building and steal things
slip slide unintentionally
chimney a pipe on a roof of a building throuh which smoke from a fire place escapes
get stuck be unable to move or get away from a place
owner the person to whom somethings belongs
call for shout for something
however nevertheless
go up in smoke (of a plan) to fail to produce the results expected
steal to take something that doesn't belong to you
ignition the part of a car where you put the key to start the engine
counter a long narrow surface in a shop, bank etc. where customers are served
car theft the act of stealing a car
press charges make an official accusations of wrongdoing against somebody
nap a short sleep, usually during the day
robber a person who illegally takes something from a person or a place
yell shout loudly
without delay at once
growl (of dogs) produce a low snarling sound
leap jump suddenly into the air
run off go away quickly or suddenly
empty-handed having failed to obtain what you want
chase run after somebody/ something in order to catch them
security camera a video camera used to record and stop criminal activity
arrest (o the police) catch somebody who is believed to have committed a crime
fight crime prevent illegal acts
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