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Tornado Coming

English Vocab

to make a loud, long cry of sadness or pain The siren ___________. wail
1. to make a hole in or through something ex. The needle _________ her skin. 2. to go through or into something in a forceful or noticeable way ex.A scream __________ the silence. ex. The fog was _________ by a dim light. pierce
unpleasantly warm and humid The siren’s wail pierced the ___________ afternoon. muggy
a : a group of people who have gathered together • an _______ of armed men b : a meeting of all the teachers and students of a school • School __________ were usually held in the cafeteria. He remembered what the TV weatherman said when at the _ assembly
to meet together in one place The crowd _______________in front of the school. assemble
to complain in an annoying way He is always ____________ about the weather. whine
to come close together in a group We ___________ around the camp fire to keep warm. huddle
the part of a building below ground level They ran to the storm _________ to keep safe. cellar
to produce sound in an unsteady or shaky way because you are afraid or nervous. Her voice ______________during the speech quavery
to shake because of fear, cold, or nervousness; tremble He ______________ because he was cold. quiver
to form (your lips) into a tight circle or line She _____________ her lips in concentration purse
1. a strong hold with your hands or arms She took her son's hand in a gentle __________. 2. a device for holding together objects or parts of something clasped
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