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Academic WS 1

Academic word list sublist 1

analysis careful examination
approach a way of doing something or dealing with a problem
area a particular subject or type of activity
assess examine something and make a decision about it
assume think that something is true
authority someone who is respected because of their knowledge
available that you can get, buy or use etc
benefit an advantage or improvement
concept a general idea
consist made of or contain a number of different things
constitution a set of laws that describe the power and purposes of a government or organisation
context the situation within which something happens
contract a formal written agreement between people or companies etc.
create make something new exist or happen
data information or facts
definite completely certain and not likely to be changed
derived have something as its origin
distribution supplying goods to shops and companies in a particular area
economic concerning trade, industry and the making of money
environment the land, water and air that people, plants and animals live in
establish start or decide something
estimate decide what you think the value of something is
evidence facts, statements or signs that make you believe something exists or is true
export the business of selling products to another country
factors the things that influence a cause or situation
financial connected with money
formula a group of numbers or letters that show a mathematical or scientific rule
function the purpose that something is made for
identify recognise and name somebody or something
income money that you earn
indicate how that something is likely to be true or exist considered separately from
individual other people or things in the same group
interpretation a way of explaining or understanding information, someone's actions etc.
involve include or affect someone or something
issue a subject or problem
labour work, especially hard physical work
legal allowed or done according to the law
legislation a law or set of laws
major very large or important, especially when compared to other things or people of a similar kind
method a way of doing something
occur happen, especially without being planned first
percent one part in every hundred
period a length of time
policy a way of doing or dealing with things, especially one that has been officially decided by a political party or organisation
principle a moral rule or idea that has a strong influence on the way you behave
proceed continue to do something that has already started
process a series of events or changes that happen naturally
research the study of a subject in detail so you can discover new facts about it
respond behave in a particular way after someone has done something or something has happened
role the position that someone or something has in a situation or activity
section one of the parts that an object, group, place etc. is divided into
sector one of the parts that an area or large group of people is divided into
significant noticeable or important
similar almost the same but not exactly
source the thing, place or person that you get something from
specific used to talk about a particular thing, person, or time
structure the way in which the parts of something are organised and are related to each other
theory an explanation for something that has not been proved to be true
variable likely to change often
require need something
Created by: Ridho adrian
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