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Then and now

Vocabulary about everyday object

Gate Opening in a wall or a fence
Oven Device for cooking
Telephone A devide that makes it possible for you to speak to someone in another place who has a similar device
Fridge A piece of kitchen equipment that uses electricity to preserve food at a cold temperature
Key A piece of metal that has been cut into a special shape and is used for opening or closing a lock, starting a car engine, etc.
Shampoo A liquid used for washing hair, or for washing particular objects or materials
Shelf A long, flat board fixed horizontally, usually against a wall or inside a cupboard so that objects can be stored on it
Soap A substance used for washing the body or other things
Toilet A bowl-shaped device with a seat that you sit on or stand near when emptying the body of urine or solid waste.
Comb A flat piece of plastic, wood, or metal with a thin row of long, narrow parts along one side, used to tidy and arrange your hair
Brush An object with short pieces of stiff hair, plastic, or wire attached to a base or handle, used for arranging your hair
knife A tool, usually with a metal blade and a handle, used for cutting and spreading food or other substances
fork A small object with three or four points and a handle, that you use to pick up food and eat with
spoon An object consisting of a round, hollow part and a handle, used for mixing, serving, and eating food
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