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Stem Change Verbs

querer to want
pensar to think
preferir to prefer
costar to cost
mostrar to show
poder to be able (can)
pedir to ask for/to order
probar to try
recomendar to recommend
servir to serve
repetir to repeat
jugar to play (a sport)
dormir to sleep
quiero I want
quieres you want
quiere she wants
queremos we want
quieren they want
pienso I think
piensas you think
piensa he thinks
pensamos we think
piensan you all think
prefiero I prefer
prefieres you prefer
prefiere you(formal) prefer
preferimos we prefer
prefieren they prefer
cuesta it costs
cuestan they cost
muestro I show
muestras you show
muestra he shows
mostramos we show
muestran you all show
puedo I can
puedes you can
puede she can
podemos we can
pueden they can
pido I order/ask for
pides you order/ask for
pide he orders/asks for
pedimos we order/ask for
piden they order/ask for
repito I repeat
repites you repeat
repite she repeats
repetimos we repeat
repiten you all repeat
sirvo I serve
sirves you serve
sirve you (formal) serve
servimos we serve
sirven you all serve
pruebo I try
pruebas you try
prueba he tries
probamos we try
prueban they try
recomiendo I recommend
recomiendas you recommend
recomienda he recommends
recomendamos we recommend
recomiendan they recommend
juego I play
juegas you play
juega she plays
jugamos we play
juegan they play
duermo I sleep
duermes you sleep
duerme you (formal) sleep
dormimos we sleep
duermen they sleep
Created by: ProfesoraDavis
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