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TTM Epilogue Vocab

Vocabulary Words for the Epilogue of The Time Machine

Epilogue a final section or speech after the main part of a book, play, or musical composition
Cretaceous the last period of the prehistoric Mesozoic era which was famous for the dominance of reptiles, diversification of mammals, and the extinction of many types of organisms at the close of the period
saurian lizard-like dinosaurs
reptilian like a reptile
Jurassic the period of the Mesozoic era between the Triassic and the Cretaceous marked by the presence of dinosaurs and the first appearance of birds
plesiosaurus a large underwater dinosaur with a long neck and flippers
Oolitic made from a type of limestone
saline containing salt
Triassic the earliest period of the Mesozoic era marked by the first appearance of the dinosaurs
wearisome causing you to feel bored, annoyed, or impatient
manhood the state or condition of being an adult man and no longer a boy
fragmentary made up of parts or pieces; incomplete
mutual shared between two or more people or groups; characterized by intimacy
culminating reaching the end or the final result of something
cheerlessly not causing happiness or warm feelings; bleak or gloomy
heaping putting things into a big pile
ignorance a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education; the state of being ignorant
casual happening by chance; not planned or expected
brittle easily broken or cracked; not strong; easily damaged
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