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TTM C11 Vocab

Vocabulary Words for Chapter 11 of The Time Machine

fashion mode of action or operation; way
indefinite not certain in amount or length
unheeding not paying attention to (advice, a warning, etc.)
indicators a device that shows a measurement
prodigious very great
indicative showing something; indicating something
alternations repeated series of events (usually back and forth)
brooded sat on to incubate, like a bird on eggs; thought a lot about something in an unhappy way
comet an object in outer space that develops a long, bright tail when it passes near the sun
darkling growing darker
broader larger from one side to the other side (like breadth)
motionless without movement
dome a large rounded roof or ceiling that is shaped like half of a ball
momentary lasting a very short time; lasting only a moment
extinction being extinguished; being snuffed out; being eliminated
sullen dull, somber, dismal, gloomy; unhappy and not wanting to talk
cautiously carefully, to avoid danger or risk
Indian red dark reddish brown
scarlet bright red
projecting jutting out; sticking out; protruding
lichen a type of small plantlike organism that grows on rocks and walls
perpetual continuing forever or for a very long time without stopping
wan looking sick or pale; having a weak quality; dim, faint
breakers waves breaking into foam (like against the shore)
swell an upward and downward movement of the water in the sea
margin the place where something (such as a piece of land) stops; the edge of something
incrustation a crust or hard coating; a growth or accumulation resembling a crust
lurid shining or glowing with a bright and unpleasant color
mountaineering the sport or technique of scaling mountains
rarefied (if you’re talking about air) not having much oxygen because of being high up in the atmosphere; (or) understood by only a small group of people; only for people who know about a particular thing
slanting taking a diagonal course, direction, or path
dismal showing or causing unhappiness or sad feelings; not warm, cheerful, etc.
yonder at or in that place; over there
antennae thin, sensitive organs on the head of an insect, crab, etc., that are used mainly to feel and touch things (plural)
carter’s whips whips used by a person who drives a cart to get the horse to move
stalked held up by eyestalks
corrugated having a wavy surface
ungainly having an awkward appearance; moving in an awkward or clumsy way; not graceful
bosses a part that sticks out
blotched marked with imperfect spots
sinister having an evil appearance; looking likely to cause something bad, harmful, or dangerous to happen
apparition an unusual or unexpected sight; a ghostly figure
lighted dismounted; settled; landed
threadlike like a long, thin line of something
drawn pulled
qualm a sudden feeling of doubt, fear, or another disturbing emotion
appetite a physical desire for food; a desire or liking for something
algal coming from seaweed or algae
stony made of stone or hard like stone; showing no emotion or friendliness
crustacea animals (such as crabs or lobsters) that have several pairs of legs and a body made up of sections that are covered in a hard outer shell (plural)
fascination being so interested in something that it’s almost like it cast a spell over you
a tenth part one-tenth
livid discolored by a bruise
liverworts a flowerless, spore-producing plant, with the spores produced in small capsules
flecked marked with small spots or marks of something on different parts of a surface; speckled
assailed attacked violently
ever and again now and then; occasionally
sable black or very dark brown
fringes narrow areas along the edge of something
expanse a large and usually flat open space or area
indefinable impossible to describe or explain
testified showed that something is true or real; gave proof of something
concavity a space that is curved inward
bay an inlet of the sea or other body of water usually smaller than a gulf (this is being used as a metaphor)
aghast shocked and upset
eclipse when one celestial body totally or partially covers another one up
transit passage of a smaller body (like Venus) across the disk of a larger (like the sun)
bleating the sound that a sheep or goat makes
peaks the pointed tops of mountains
smote hurt, killed, or punished; hit very hard
bow a simple curve, like the shape made by the bow part of a bow and arrow
shoal shallow water
football Soccer ball. Remember, this is England.
weltering rising and falling or tossing about in or with waves
fitfully not regularly or steadily, like you’re having a fit or seizure
Created by: MsSchmidt
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