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Word List Day 21

admonitory containing warning
luculent easily understood; lucid; clear
coeval of the same period; coexisting
insularity narrow-mindedness; isolated
auspicious favorable successful prosperous
secular material (not spiritual) living outside monasteries
streak long thin move very fast
nascent coming into existence; emerging
decry disapprove of
penchant strong inclination a liking
pulchritude Physical beauty
onus responsilibilty,burden
vanquish conquer
extirpate to destroy exterminate cut out exscind
assiduous diligent hard-working; sedulous
privation hardship
accretion the growing of separate things into one
covetous eagerly desirous
defalcate (v) to embezzle or misappropriate
baneful causing harm or ruin; pernicious; destructive
indelible that cannot be rubbed out
palliate lessen the severity of
cogent strong; convincing
dearth shortage
pellucid transparent easy to understand
condone forgive
lumber move in a clumsy/noisy way
discredit refuse to believe
recidivism relapse into antisocial or criminal behavior
lurk be out of view ready to attack
coda passage that completes a piece of music
cornucopia abundant supply
veneer surface appearance covering the TRUE nature
petrify to make hard rocklike
censure expression of blame or disapproval a rebuke
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