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Word List Day 11

felon person guilty of murder
frugal careful; economical
shun keep away from avoid
mendacious lying; habitually dishonest
apprise give notice to inform
muffler cloth worn round the neck; silencer
bigot stubborn; narrow-minded person
imperative urgent; essential
enthral take the whole attention, enslave
smolder burn slowly without flame
dismal sad; gloomy; miserable
perilous dangerous
lavish giving or producing freely liberally or generously
trickle flow in drops
diabolical having the qualities of a devil
vehemence forcefulness
disencumber free from encumbrance
impending imminent; about to happen; expected
stickler person who insists on importance of something
stigma mark of shame or disgrace
avow admit; declare openly
castigation severe punishment
benevolence wish or activity in doing good
incessant Constant
squat crouch/settle without permission
indulge gratify; give way to satisfy allow oneself
deter discourage hinder
incredulous skeptical; unwilling to believe
tenacity firmness persistency adhesiveness tending to hang on
exuberance state of growing vigorously being full of life
apostate one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
gist the point general sense
transient temporary fleeting
connotation suggestion in addition to
engrave impress deeply
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