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Word List Day 16

striated striped grooved or banded
jocular meant as a joke
exoneration set someone clear (e.g.. from blame)
contentious argumentative pugnacious combative quarrelsome
cajole use flattery or deceit to persuade
resilience quality of quickly recovering the original shape
disdain look on with contempt
taunt contemptuous reproach hurtful remark
alacrity eager and cheerful; readiness
abeyance suspended action
apotheosis deification glorification to godliness
hoodwink trick; mislead
glimmer weak/unsteady light
terse brief and to the point
ulterior situated beyond
jagged notched
myriad very great number
inimitable defying; imitation; unmatchable
conundrum a riddle dilemma enigma
incite stir up; rouse
falter waver/move in an uncertain manner
drawl slow way of speaking
clamor shout complain with a lot of noise
nexus a connection or link
render deliver provide represent
clinch come to grips/settle conclusively
abet help/encourage somebody (in doing wrong)
decorum propriety properness
quiescence state of being passive/motionless
discreet careful/prudent
ale fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer
sash long strip worn round the waist
ruffian violent cruel man
tepid lukewarm
itinerate to travel from place to place to peregrinate
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