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Word List Day 15

morbid diseased; unhealthy (e.g.. about ideas)
superfluous more then is needed or wanted
equipoise equal distribution of weight equilibrium
veer change direction
benign kind and gentle
lackluster (of eyes) dull
chastisement punishment
breach opening; broken place; breaking
rarefy to make thin to make less dense to purify or refine
dissent have a different opinion refuse to assent
neophyte person who has been converted to a belief
reticence uncommunicativeness
pious dutiful to parents; devoted to religion
trudge walk heavily
thrift care economy thriving prosperous
daunt intimidate make fearful
veneration regard with deep respect
grave serious requiring; consideration
frenetic frantic; frenzied
disheveled untidy
temperate showing self-control
impiety lack of reverence or dutifulness
blas bored with pleasure or dissipation
scalding hot enough to boil
irresolute hesitating; undecided
rave act with excessive enthusiasm
heresy belief contrary to what is generally accepted
guile deceit; cunning
fret worry; irritation; wear away
chicanery legal trickery/false argument
telltale That gives warning or information
feckless lacking purpose or vitality ineffective careless
ardor enthusiasm
debacle a breakup overthrow sudden disaster
tawdry cheap gaudy showy tacky
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