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Word List Day 2

animosity strong dislike
fragile easily injured broken or destroyed
acumen Keen, quick, accurate insight or judgment
legacy Bequest or inheritance
massacre cruel killing of a large number of people
submerge put under water liquid sink out of sight
combustion process of burning
adulteration making unpure; poorer in quality
appease make quiet or calm
premature doing or happening something before the right time
inquest Legal or judicial inquiry, especially before a jury and especially made by a coroner into the cause of someone.s death
shunned avoided, kept away from
conceal hide keep secret
anguish severe suffering
indigenous native
apt well-suited; quick-witted
correlate have a mutual relation
grumble to complain
offhand Without preparation or forethought
somersault rolling backward or forward (not sideways) movement
extinguish end the existence of/wipe or put out
edible fit to be eaten/not poisonous
conjoin to join together
surcharge additional load/charge
accolade praise; approval
disallow refuse to allow or accept as a correct
opaqueness dullness/not allowing light to pass through
impermeable that cannot be permeated
console give comfort or sympathy to
timid shy easily frightened
abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
abide be faithful; to endure
embezzle use in a wrong way for one's own benefit
warrant authority written order guarantee
reminiscent suggest something in the past
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